Career Day

Career day on Tuesday with 72 kindergartners was crazy and exhausting. The whole thing lasted about three hours and we cycled through the children in groups of 4 or 5. I wasn’t quite prepared to entertain the children for as long as I had them, so I had to make things up for the last five minutes or so with each group.

My poor introverted self was wrecked, but it was a good time. In preparation for the career day, I made a quick illustrated piece with the school mascot, the bobcat and turned him into a wizard. The process was fun doing something a little different from the more muted pieces in the game.

bobcat wizard final for career day

I thought the kids might be interested in seeing the process of how I made the picture, so I printed those out. What they were most interested in was how I colored it in, and a number were sure that I printed it out in black and white and then colored it with markers, no matter what I said.

bobcat wizard process

Definitely will sign up to do it again next year, but will be much better prepared for entertaining small groups. As always, I have unlimited respect for our teachers.

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