Kids RPG Journal – #15 Moves Icons

It’s important to me to make sure that every option the boys have in the game is really easy to use and identify. For that purpose, I have created an icon for each and every move they will have for the start or play. In Dungeon World, and other Powered by the Apocalypse games, moves are basically the actions a character can take. There are class-specific moves and basic moves. I made a special icon for each one to make sure that the player’s options are clear.

I was a little daunted by the task at first, simply because there were so many, but once I got into the groove, it turned out to be not that painful. The first step was to sketch out a basic idea on paper to figure out how I’d represent the move.

Beginning sketches for moves icons

The next step was to figure out how to turn my crappy sketch into an effective icon. By icon, I mean a stylized graphical representation, more shape than line-art, not necessarily a true icon meant to be immediately understood by the viewer at any scale. This took a little bit longer, but I didn’t make many significant changes from my initial sketches, so that was also fairly painless. I got about half of them done while the kids were visiting the library, and the rest over a couple of nights after they were in bed.

icon drawings for dungeon world style moves

Finally, I took a picture of my sketchbook with the iPad camera and opened it in Clip Studio Paint. I used my fairly rough drawings as a guide for the digital inking. I use the Hairpin Sable brush from Frenden as my primary ink brush. This step was the quickest stage and I was able to get almost all of them done within a day, between times hanging with the boys.

inked icons for Dungeon World style moves

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and feel like I can work on getting the final versions of the starting moves going now. The next step is to clean up the wording of each move and then I’ll put them on the character sheets.

Kids RPG Journal – #9 First Look at Seether Class

Finally, I’m taking a look at the starting moves for the Seether, the chthonic shaman class chosen by my wife.


You are wise woman in touch with the dark energies of the earth. Through trance-like seething, you channel the mysteries of the deep, the ways of fire, and  serpent magic.

Burning Touch
You are able to focus your energies to make your touch red-hot. Extended contact can cause organic materials to combust.

Earth Memory
You fall into a trance and send your fetch into the deep earth to find answers. On a 7+ you can ask a single question of the GM. Anything below 7, the denizens of the deep earth notice your presence.

Serpent Dance
When you are engaged in conflict with another, you can cause your body to tremble and shake with the movements of the serpent. You can choose to either quick strike for a +1 on Hack and Slash or whip out of harms way to defend for +1.

Buried Knowledge
You know things from deep beneath the earth and gain +1 on all discern realities or spout lore moves when dealing with the underworld and things that grow there.


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Kids RPG Journal – #8 First Look at Thunder Priest Class

Here is a quick view of the Thunder Priest class chosen by the other son.

Thunder Priest

You are devoted to the warrior god thunder, Thor, and have learned to channel some of the natural powers of the storm.

Hearty Revelry
You are a large presence, particularly when you have a full belly. People hang on your every word and feel compelled by your boisterous tales.  When you attempt to discern realities or parley with others while eating and drinking, you get +1 on the roll.

Bend Bars, Lift Gates
When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll +TOUGH. 10+ choose 3 below. 7-9 choose 2.

  • It doesn’t take a very long time
  • Nothing of value is destroyed
  • It is not too noisy
  • You can fix without a lot of effort

Thunder Touch
When you touch a being with your hand, you can channel the thunder from inside to push them away from you.

Storm Charge
You can charge a metal weapon with lighting to do an additional +1 damage.

Signs of Battle
When you attempt to discern realities when you come upon a scene where a battle has occurred, you gain +1

I borrowed the Bend Bars, Lift Gates move directly from the Fighter playbook. I’m not 100% sure if I am going to keep it the same. I’m curious if the multiple options would work well for the boys or not. It might be something that changes as we play the game. Flexibility will be key.

I gave this class two more investigative abilities because the play may lend itself to more combat and I want to give him other options.

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Kids RPG Journal – #7 First Look at Wolf Feral Class

A quick look at the wolf feral class, played by one of my sons.

When making a class playbook for them, I am cognizant to keep descriptions simple, but mindful to not dumb things down. Each class will have some core move which will assist them in either investigation or conflict resolution outside of combat.

Here are some of the starting moves for the class. I may add one or two more after I get some of the other classes set up.

Wolf Feral

You are a member of the Ulfhednar, an order of humans who can channel the powers of wolves. You wear a pelt that gives you the senses, reflexes, and ferocity of the wolf.

Keen Senses
Your senses are those of a wolf. In particular, hearing and smell are much more sensitive than normal humans. Darkness does not hinder you, but loud noises and strong smells may make it difficult to focus.

Vicious Bite
When you try to bite someone or something, it is extremely painful. You can hold someone tightly with your iron jaws.

Wolf Step
You can move silently and quickly like a wolf, covering large distances with preternatural speed.

Natural Hunter
When you follow the trail of a living being, you roll +CLEVER +1 On 7+ you are able to follow until conditions change. On 10+ you are able to gather information about your quarry.