Kids RPG Journal – #15 Moves Icons

It’s important to me to make sure that every option the boys have in the game is really easy to use and identify. For that purpose, I have created an icon for each and every move they will have for the start or play. In Dungeon World, and other Powered by the Apocalypse games, moves are basically the actions a character can take. There are class-specific moves and basic moves. I made a special icon for each one to make sure that the player’s options are clear.

I was a little daunted by the task at first, simply because there were so many, but once I got into the groove, it turned out to be not that painful. The first step was to sketch out a basic idea on paper to figure out how I’d represent the move.

Beginning sketches for moves icons

The next step was to figure out how to turn my crappy sketch into an effective icon. By icon, I mean a stylized graphical representation, more shape than line-art, not necessarily a true icon meant to be immediately understood by the viewer at any scale. This took a little bit longer, but I didn’t make many significant changes from my initial sketches, so that was also fairly painless. I got about half of them done while the kids were visiting the library, and the rest over a couple of nights after they were in bed.

icon drawings for dungeon world style moves

Finally, I took a picture of my sketchbook with the iPad camera and opened it in Clip Studio Paint. I used my fairly rough drawings as a guide for the digital inking. I use the Hairpin Sable brush from Frenden as my primary ink brush. This step was the quickest stage and I was able to get almost all of them done within a day, between times hanging with the boys.

inked icons for Dungeon World style moves

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and feel like I can work on getting the final versions of the starting moves going now. The next step is to clean up the wording of each move and then I’ll put them on the character sheets.

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