Kids RPG Journal – #2 System Requirements

I’m thinking about how to best select a RPG system to run for the boys.

I’m most familiar with D&D, with over twenty years experience DMing, and there is a lot I love about it, particularly the job they’ve done with 5e. However, I don’t believe it is suited for younger kids, definitely not six-year-olds. Too many rules and an emphasis on resolving conflicts by hitting them with a sword takes it off of my list. While I’ve run some very creative encounters, it is all due to extra effort by the players and DM, not built into, nor particularly encouraged by the system, meaning that most scenarios lean towards combat, and combat can become somewhat tedious.

So that means I need to find a RPG system that will suit the style of play I want, and that means I actually need to move away from a vague notion of what I want and have some solid requirements:

1) The game should be rules-light and story-heavy

2) The game should encourage creativity, without the onus all on the GM.

3) The game should not focus on combat. There are a myriad solutions for encounters without ever drawing weapons. Violence should not always be the preferred method for dealing with monsters and adversaries.

4) We should be able to run a game/play characters without reading large blocks of text. The boys are just getting into reading on their own and difficult texts will only frustrate them and slow the game down to a crawl.

5) I should be able to easily integrate ideas and practices from my own work on monsters and folklore. This is obviously a purely selfish requirement, but I have a lot of research already done that I think would be fun to play with.

6) Finally, we should all be able to focus on having fun, not continually checking to see if we can do the things we want or not. The game system will need to be flexible enough to make changes on the fly if it means a better experience.

Tomorrow, I’ll start looking at some possible systems that may work for us.

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