Kids RPG Journal – #59 Paper Crafts

I took a short break from drawing monster doodles for the Harrowlands site to put together some paper-crafts of the player characters, relevant monsters and quest materials. With the new, simplified drawing style I’m using for the project, I can spend a little more time making quick and dirty props for the game. Earlier, the thought of trying to making paper figures for play was stressful, but now it’s no big deal. I’ve already drawn the characters in the new style more than I had the previous year in the old style.

Now I’d never tried making my own paper minis before, but I have printed out some cool paper props from awesome creators, like Trash Mob Minis and RPGToons (@RPGToons and @r-n-w).

I started with a 3d stand up of the players’ tents and figured out how best to show the tent staves from all sides. By doubling the staves, it gave the whole piece some needed strength and looked so much better than my first attempt.

Tent paper-craft template

After that, I worked on some 2d stand-ups for the quest, including the various carved turnips which would be used against the Wild Hunt, stand ups of the player characters, and the monsters of the Wild Hunt most likely to wander by. The initial thought was to hot glue the figures to metal washers to give them some weight, but paper bases seem to be sufficient for now. If I feel that they are too easy to knock over, then I’ll glue them all down.

player character and wild hunt monster paper-craft templates

Drawing the backs of the characters was an interesting exercise I’ve never done before, working with the reversed silhouette of the front and just filling out the contents. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. It’s definitely not something I’d put out for a published product, but more than good enough for our home game.

Finally, I printed out tokens for those turnips that don’t survive the night. I probably could have gone the extra step to make stand ups for them, but once again, I think what we have if going to be plenty for our needs.

turnip paper-craft templates: turnips, extinguished, burning, not-scary, and crushed turnips

After a bunch of printing, cutting, and a couple of glue sticks, I have a neat little collection of paper minis for whenever we have the next gaming session. Unfortunately, it has been pushed back again and again, but it did give me the opportunity to redesign things.

figures for the alfablot quest, with an unimpressed Miso in the background

Now, I will go back to my doodle monsters and start working on future quests, of which I have about four or five in the works.

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