Kids RPG Journal – #60 Night of the Wild Hunt Quest

For the upcoming mini-quest, Night of the Wild-Hunt, I have broken play out into two main phases: preparation and survival.

quest: night of the wild hunt

Preparation Phase

First, the players are charged with “carving” frightening faces into large turnips. They will each get two printed turnips and some drawing supplies to make the scariest faces they can. I will set a three minute timer to up the stakes a little. The quality of the drawing is not what determines success, it just adds fun to the activity. Then they roll against Clever or Quick for their characters to see how well they did for each turnip.

  • For 10+ rolls the turnips work as expected and keep away most Wild Hunt monsters
  • 7-9 means they will have to make additional checks when the turnips are challenged
  • 6 or below, they fail right off the bat and have to suffer a consequence: crushed, extinguished, flamable, or just not scary
carved turnip consequences: extinguished, in flames, shattered, or just not scary

Each turnip goes next to the player with a tea light and stays lit unless something happens to the turnip. The smaller turnip stand-ups are then placed by the players around their tents.

turnip tealights

Survival Phase

As soon as the players get the turnips in place, the Wild Hunt can be heard coming down the road. As the wild, spectral horde passes by and partakes food left out in the offering tent, some stragglers break off from the pack in three separate waves.

Each wave will test any turnips that rolled a partial success, with a -1 penalty compounded in each wave. Turnips that fail (6 or below) will suffer one of the consequence above and cannot protect their portion surrounding the tents.

Wave one: Wild Hunt Wargs – These spectral wolves will come in looking for victims to devour, but should not be able to get past the turnips unless they pretty much all go out. If they are not scared away, the wild wind will shift and the smell of the food coming from the offering tent will distract them. (-1 penalty on turnip checks)

Wave two: Wild Hunt Goblins – Ghostly little goblins that obsessively take things apart. They are not violent, but more destructive and will slink around and disassemble tents, packs, and clothing. PCs can get rid of the goblins by distracting or scaring the goblins. Any goblins in Plunk’s tent will flee shortly after he releases his loud noises. (-2 penalty on turnip checks)

Wave three: Wild Hunt Troll – The troll is a mild-natured, but incredibly stupid creature, who will play roughly with the PCs if they cannot scare it away. He is particularly vulnerable to dumb jokes. If they are having trouble with the troll, Gurla will come over and suggest it wrestle all of them. (-3 penalty on turnip checks)

printables of the wild hunt troll and wild hunt goblins with Thule Bonecrusher and a tent for scale

Any player who uses a weapon against the Wild Hunt creatures or tries to strike them or harm them will suffer the wrath of the Alf King, which could get pretty ugly.

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