Kids RPG Journal – #60 Night of the Wild Hunt Quest

For the upcoming mini-quest, Night of the Wild-Hunt, I have broken play out into two main phases: preparation and survival.

quest: night of the wild hunt

Preparation Phase

First, the players are charged with “carving” frightening faces into large turnips. They will each get two printed turnips and some drawing supplies to make the scariest faces they can. I will set a three minute timer to up the stakes a little. The quality of the drawing is not what determines success, it just adds fun to the activity. Then they roll against Clever or Quick for their characters to see how well they did for each turnip.

  • For 10+ rolls the turnips work as expected and keep away most Wild Hunt monsters
  • 7-9 means they will have to make additional checks when the turnips are challenged
  • 6 or below, they fail right off the bat and have to suffer a consequence: crushed, extinguished, flamable, or just not scary
carved turnip consequences: extinguished, in flames, shattered, or just not scary

Each turnip goes next to the player with a tea light and stays lit unless something happens to the turnip. The smaller turnip stand-ups are then placed by the players around their tents.

turnip tealights

Survival Phase

As soon as the players get the turnips in place, the Wild Hunt can be heard coming down the road. As the wild, spectral horde passes by and partakes food left out in the offering tent, some stragglers break off from the pack in three separate waves.

Each wave will test any turnips that rolled a partial success, with a -1 penalty compounded in each wave. Turnips that fail (6 or below) will suffer one of the consequence above and cannot protect their portion surrounding the tents.

Wave one: Wild Hunt Wargs – These spectral wolves will come in looking for victims to devour, but should not be able to get past the turnips unless they pretty much all go out. If they are not scared away, the wild wind will shift and the smell of the food coming from the offering tent will distract them. (-1 penalty on turnip checks)

Wave two: Wild Hunt Goblins – Ghostly little goblins that obsessively take things apart. They are not violent, but more destructive and will slink around and disassemble tents, packs, and clothing. PCs can get rid of the goblins by distracting or scaring the goblins. Any goblins in Plunk’s tent will flee shortly after he releases his loud noises. (-2 penalty on turnip checks)

Wave three: Wild Hunt Troll – The troll is a mild-natured, but incredibly stupid creature, who will play roughly with the PCs if they cannot scare it away. He is particularly vulnerable to dumb jokes. If they are having trouble with the troll, Gurla will come over and suggest it wrestle all of them. (-3 penalty on turnip checks)

printables of the wild hunt troll and wild hunt goblins with Thule Bonecrusher and a tent for scale

Any player who uses a weapon against the Wild Hunt creatures or tries to strike them or harm them will suffer the wrath of the Alf King, which could get pretty ugly.

Kids RPG Journal – #59 Paper Crafts

I took a short break from drawing monster doodles for the Harrowlands site to put together some paper-crafts of the player characters, relevant monsters and quest materials. With the new, simplified drawing style I’m using for the project, I can spend a little more time making quick and dirty props for the game. Earlier, the thought of trying to making paper figures for play was stressful, but now it’s no big deal. I’ve already drawn the characters in the new style more than I had the previous year in the old style.

Now I’d never tried making my own paper minis before, but I have printed out some cool paper props from awesome creators, like Trash Mob Minis and RPGToons (@RPGToons and @r-n-w).

I started with a 3d stand up of the players’ tents and figured out how best to show the tent staves from all sides. By doubling the staves, it gave the whole piece some needed strength and looked so much better than my first attempt.

Tent paper-craft template

After that, I worked on some 2d stand-ups for the quest, including the various carved turnips which would be used against the Wild Hunt, stand ups of the player characters, and the monsters of the Wild Hunt most likely to wander by. The initial thought was to hot glue the figures to metal washers to give them some weight, but paper bases seem to be sufficient for now. If I feel that they are too easy to knock over, then I’ll glue them all down.

player character and wild hunt monster paper-craft templates

Drawing the backs of the characters was an interesting exercise I’ve never done before, working with the reversed silhouette of the front and just filling out the contents. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. It’s definitely not something I’d put out for a published product, but more than good enough for our home game.

Finally, I printed out tokens for those turnips that don’t survive the night. I probably could have gone the extra step to make stand ups for them, but once again, I think what we have if going to be plenty for our needs.

turnip paper-craft templates: turnips, extinguished, burning, not-scary, and crushed turnips

After a bunch of printing, cutting, and a couple of glue sticks, I have a neat little collection of paper minis for whenever we have the next gaming session. Unfortunately, it has been pushed back again and again, but it did give me the opportunity to redesign things.

figures for the alfablot quest, with an unimpressed Miso in the background

Now, I will go back to my doodle monsters and start working on future quests, of which I have about four or five in the works.

Kids RPG Journal – #53 Monster Bestiary

Added a few monster illustrations this last week.

Wild hunt goblins will steal your shoelaces and unravel all of your baskets.

Wild hunt goblins will steal your shoelaces and unravel all of your baskets.

Wild hunt troll wants to eat all of your food and tell crude poop jokes.

Wild hunt troll wants to eat all of your food and tell crude poop jokes.
Everybody's favorite demon sow, the gloso will eat your children and toast their souls.

Everybody’s favorite demon sow, the gloso will eat your children and toast their souls.

Kids RPG Journal – #48 Wild Hunt Quest

When we last played the Harrowlands game so very long ago, the adventuring party had just survived the bee swarms and crashed their wagon. We will begin the next session in Yrlashof and they will need to find a way to get their wagon repaired. However, there is a problem.

It is the night of Alfablot and not only do folks need to stay off the roads, but no one will offer them hospitality and allow them to come into their home, for the dead travel on this night. The main quest for this session is going to be to survive encounters with any vengeful spirits who wanders too close.

Quest: Night of the Wild Hunt

First, they will carve faces into their turnip lanterns to scare off the spirits (the players will draw scary faces on turnips and we’ll fashion lanterns with them using mini tea lights) and roll to determine how effective their artistic skill is. With the howling wind and lack of time, it might be a challenge.

Turnips for carving to scare off the ghosts of the Wild Hunt

Then starts the procession of the wild hunt, led by the Alf King on his massive spectral boar. If all of the lanterns hold up, then it should be pretty straight-forward, but if not, then they will need to find alternative methods for dealing with any wights who will come into their camp, without fighting. There may be some trickery, parley, wrestling, or offerings to ensure that no one gets hurt. 

map of yrlashof during the Alfablot

I created a number of props for the quest, turnip papers for lamps, a “battle map” of Yrlashof to show where the wild hunt will be passing through, some overhead drawings of hunt members, and the quest image. Additionally, I set up the quest pages on the Harrowlands website for online use:

The Wild Hunt led by the Alf King

Quest: Night of the Wild Hunt

I’m thinking we may be able to play this weekend if things aren’t too crazy. Otherwise, we may have to look into a weeknight game, just to keep the ball rolling.

Kids RPG Journal – #42 More NPCs Yrlashof

This week I’ve spent some time researching Samhain and Alfablot for the next adventure. The party is going to arrive at the farm at a bad time, and the wind they caused is definitely going to make things worse. The people of Yrlashof are observing the Alfablot, where the rules of hospitality are reversed, and there is to be a ghostly procession, a Wild Hunt, of dokkalfar (dark elves) along the road.

I needed draw up two principal characters for this adventure. First is Momma Yrla, who I drew a while back, but her story has changed significantly since then and the picture no longer reflects the character I want. So, I kept some basics of the drawing , but adjusted her face and outfit, to reflect her position as a former sea king – a ruling pirate. Now she maintains the farm. I recolored her with my new palette to better match the character. The new drawing makes here look a little bit older than I had planned, but I can live with it.

Revised image of Momma Yrla, former pirate, and the lady of Yrlashof.

Second, I drew Momma’s former first-mate who still guards her family, Gurla, a sturdy water-witch. She is gruff and superstitious, coming from the eastern countries. This one actually looks a little younger than I had hoped to make it.

Gurla, Momma Yrla's guardian and former first mate

My next step is to draw an overhead map of the stead where the adventure will take place.