Unquiet Precaution: Corpse Door

The ghost was befuddled when it could not reenter the house the same way it was carried out.

When a person dies within a household, the living may construct a special portal or doorway to carry the body out of the home. The portal is then permanently locked or the wall is sealed to prevent revenants from returning to the house to bother those within.

Many walkers and ghosts are limited in their movement, unable to deviate from the path which they took
to their grave. The corpse door uses the tactics of misdirection and confusion to stop the revenant. If the family member returns, they are left searching in vain for the passage inside.

Corpse doors are effective against ghosts and walkers from the recently departed. Houses long-haunted can seal the primary entrance and build a new door for the living, which may prevent further visitations, though care must be taken to not lock the spectre within.

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