Unquiet Precaution: Fire

Never considered a nuanced hunter, Friedrich's preferred method of dealing with monsters was fire.

Aside from sunlight, there is no more essential and primal weapon for the hunter of monsters. It is the sacred gift of the gods and the all-consuming destroyer. As such, it is uniquely suited for fighting the bogeys of the night.

Fire’s versatility is unmatched; there are too many practical uses to name them here. It was the first tool of civilization used to keep out the Other, and is just as potent symbolically as it is physically.

Fire is the provider of light and warmth for man after night has fallen, both of which are key for strengthening the spirit and repelling evil.

As the Norse trickster god, Loki, found when challenging the Utgard giant, nothing can compete with the hunger and destruction of fire. It leaves naught but ash, from which no evil can return.

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