Unquiet Precaution: Garlic

Much to Norbert's dismay, his garlic necklace fended off more than just the unliving.

Garlic, often referred to as “stink weed”, or other derogatory names, has long suffered the numerous taboos leveled against it. Despite general disfavor, it is a vital tool in the hunter’s arsenal. Garlic represents strength symbolically—and aromatically.

Garlic means “spear-leek”, which is appropriate given it’s importance on the battle eld. Eating it lends physical strength and courage. In addition, it protects against the malaise, fear, or terror emanating from certain wights.

The potent smell of garlic cloves wards off snakes, wyrms, and hungry dead, such as vampires. The aroma can also conceal the wearer from many types of wargs, like werewolves and bugbears.

If the old legends are true, garlic even provided protection for travelers against certain chthonic deities.

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