Unquiet Precaution: Spirit Trap

Berenice tried her hand at making spirit traps with the Elders, but was quickly sent away.

Spirit traps bind and distract monsters through the methods of fascination and confusion. They use brightly colored thread or cord to attract the attention of wights who are then compelled to follow the course of the string to its termination. Intricate patterns may be woven into the trap, causing the wight to become lost within, functioning as a labyrinth.

Many spirit traps merely delay a monster rather than fully contain it. Some are entwined with a hollowed-out bone, which is stuffed with moss or wax once the monster has entered, permanently trapping it. Once the trap is sealed, it should be buried in a location likely never to be unearthed. Relatives of dead hunters have stumbled across a sealed trap or vessel and unwittingly unleashed the fell beast within.

Spirit traps work best on monster types prone to distraction.

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