Unquiet Precaution: Stalling

Lan's encyclopedic knowledge of knock-knock jokes proved instrumental in stalling 'til sunrise which turned the fiend to stone.

Stalling may be one of the least glamorous tools in the hunter’s repertoire, but it can be vital, especially if other methods of defeating, or even surviving, a monster encounter are unavailable.

Don’t disparage it as a tactic, for it has been used by storytellers, wizards, and even gods.

Stalling may take the form of distracting the monsters with compelling patterns, things to count, or stories; temporarily binding the monster to a place or object; and staying within a warded circle, or simply hiding.

The most common reason for stalling is to wait for daylight as a vast majority of monsters are destroyed, inactive, transformed, or otherwise reduced by the light of day. Yet other times there may be the need to wait out whatever compulsion has taken over the monster, the phase of the moon (bring a book), the changing of the tide, or just waiting for the monster to give up and leave.

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